Rugged Luggage

Light weight Peli Case with all new PP construction

Launched 2014. Designed at Therefore Ltd

Innovative new luggage range for this global leader in high-performance protective cases. Aimed at the consumer it was designed to be significantly lighter than a traditional Peli Case, but still built to last a lifetime.

My Project Role:

  • Design engineering
  • 3D CAD – tool ready
  • Conceptualise many unique features
  • Styling details
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) liaison
  • Prototyping

I took the initial sketch concept and developed it into a practical design, working prototypes and fully detailed design for manufacture (DFM)

Three different sizes were designed simultaneously. To achieve this most efficiently I built them all from one re-sizeable CAD model. This is a KeyShot CAD render of the smallest case:

Numerous innovations were developed, such as a new latch system, double hinge, locking mechanism, and wheel axles:

The cases were finely proportioned so they can be nested together:

Finished product launched 2014: